19 Apr



Look through the following links on Superstitions listed below.  In preparation for a class discussion, answer the following questions. (Please record your answers in note form on a piece of paper):

1) What are three common features of superstitions?
2) What was one thing that surprised you about superstitions?

One thing that surprised me, was that there are so many different superstitions. I couldn’t believe all the lists of them on the second website especially.

3) Which superstition do you find (your personal experience) has the most adherents today?

I would say that the superstition with the most amount of followers is Open Umbrella. I hear it being mentioned all the time, “Oh, don’t open your umbrella indoors! It’s bad luck!”

4) Why do you think many people still believe in superstitions?

I think superstitions live on because they have been passed on from generation to generation and they stay as a kind of tradition in some families.

5) How do you think superstitions begin?

I think superstitions began by some random person who was annoyed with the fact that someone was opening an umbrella inside, so to get them to stop, they told this person that it was bad luck.

6) Can superstitions be harmful? How?

Yes, because if you follow a superstition instead of simply using your head to think, it could lead to some serious problem.

7) What are the commonalities between superstitions and memes?



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